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So... >.>... Dizzy still lives.

After having a very low period in the second half of 2015, I had my prescription upped on my antidepressant. And while it's definitely made the depression a lot more manageable, the anxiety still keeps me from being able to work. I also still have those moments where real-world Dizzy bleeds over into online-world Dizzy's attempts to RP as well...

But I'm not here to play pity-party... Not today anyway.

I've taken to spending more and more time on Second Life lately. Meeting random inflatey-minded people who've enjoyed my work has been nice, as has seeing how much prettier the game has gotten since I last paid it any attention. Annnnd all of it has gotten me thinking...

For those who don't know, Second Life has an in-game currency called Linden Dollars ( L$ ). They're purchased with real-world money, or can be earned a broad variety of ways in-game.

There are a lot of very pretty things I'd like to have, but I can't afford to use real money to buy the L$ to get them... So I'm going to put this out for discussion...

1000 (approx.) words for L$2000 (approx. $10 USD.. It varies a bit from day to day)

For those curious as to what 1000 words looks like, click over to the story Sentinels and Moonwells, and stop at the line “The Ranger-General hefted a coil of heavy silken rope and Naleyna went pale.

Nothing set in stone yet, but this was the first meaningful, feasible idea I had. Thoughts?

    So.  Two years without posting... again.

    Sparing everyone the details and explanations I'm not really inclined to give anyway... Two years ago I was diagnosed with depression, general anxiety disorder and panic attack disorder.  I'm on medication for the depression, I'm in therapy for the anxiety, and I have pills for the panic attacks.
   I still frequent Yahoo messenger.  I still write bits and pieces.

    But frankly my self-image and confidence are in little bits and pieces all over the floor.  Dizzy on the internet and Dizzy in the real world are two very different entities, and unfortunately the two bleed into one another sometimes.  And sometimes it happens at inopportune times... Like during a roleplay that I've started. I can't help it.  I'm sorry.  I don't like bringing my real-world problems online because I don't want to burden other people with them and frankly roleplaying is an escape.  Unfortunately sometimes these problems are like a magnet that drags me back anyway. I have good days, and I have bad days.  And sometimes people are just unlucky enough to catch me on my bad days.

    This isn't an announcement that I'm coming back to posting or anything like that, it's just me airing out something that's been bothering me for a long time now and something that happened earlier brought this post about.  Now everybody can know about it.


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hfilled1967 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
Hey there.  Love your worl!  Just thought I'd drop a line and ask if you were intrested in RPing.  I can either do messages/notes via Deviantart or you can YIM me at my account (HFilled's account)...but the former will be more successful in getting a response., since I work 2nd shift.
Fukureru-Shogun Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Gracious, I am honored - longtime fan of your stuff.
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oh gosh! you followed me! i've loved your stuff for like forever! thank you!
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may i please ask for a favor~
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happy holidays~ :heart:
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Floofy-Skunk Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Thanks for watching! ^^
knexdude Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013
Hope everything is going okay. Would be interested in RPing with you at some point.
Miss ya hon. Wish you'd come back.
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I love your stories!!
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